Cat Boarding
Side by side Condo

Deluxe Condo
AMERIPET HOTEL MAP - 2464 East 24th North, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401 - Boarding/Pet Supplies (208)524-3112 & Grooming (208)524-6178


Due to increased demand and labor costs during the holidays, we will be implementing a $2/night price adjustment per pet during the following peak holiday times:  


Ameripet Hotel & Pet Center requires a 2 DAY cancellation notice on all Non-Holiday Boarding reservations. Failure to properly cancel can result in a fee equal to 2 Nights Stay of the run you reserved. Special consideration will of course be given to emergency situations. Please be kind to us, and we’ll do the same in return. We understand things can change.  

Our cancellation policy on HOLIDAY BOARDING will be 3 DAYS. Failure to do so can result in a fee equal to a $40 deposit for the run reserved.  

Holiday Boarding will require a deposit on file.  

If booking for the Thanksgiving or Christmas Holiday, or 4th of July, 
a minimum of a 3-night stay will be required.  


Christmas & New Years:
4th of July: 
Spring Break Week: 
Sunday – Sunday
Our cat condos are located in the CAT ROOM, in the front reception area away from the dogs. 

Here, our cat guests can enjoy a very quiet location in one of our 4 tier cat condo or our side by side condo. Cats are not mixed with cats from other homes. The condos are serviced every day with fresh cat litter, food, water, treats, and a little extra love from the staff!

We serve only super premium foods, but some cats are very finicky in what they eat. If you prefer your cat eat what you serve at home, feel free to bring their food in a covered container with their name on it. Fleece bedding is provided for your cats comfort.

Rabies Vaccination
Feline Combo vaccination
Proof of vaccination by a licensed veterinarian
Cat must be spayed or neutered